Hi, I'm Gertrude141 and I have a very important message for the wiki that all of you should read. As we all know, TDPI (the English version) is upon us. It's a very important time and I have some very exciting news regarding it.

When TDPI airs in English next week, I will be doing EPISODE REVIEWS! As Lindsay would say, "Woohoo, yeah!"

Hear me rage about Max being ugly, gushing my heart out over Sugar and rooting for Jasmine as the main antagonist. Now I know that I'm not the most popular fish on the wiki, but I seriously think I can be the next Bigez. SO STAY TUNED FOR MY EPICLY DRAMATIC TDPI EPISODE REVIEWS, STARTING WITH EPISODES 1 AND 2 ON THE EVENING OF JULY 7TH! TOODLES FOR NOW! ;)

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