Most people hate TDAS. WELL YOU'RE ALL WRONG. IT WAS THE BEST SEASON EVURRRRRR. And I have 5 reasons to prove it.

1. Zoey was an amazing protagonist. Zoey was fab, lesbehonest. In TDRI, she had this charm about her that made her uber adorable, and in this season she was even better! Some people say she was stupid for not catching onto Mal sooner, but I disagree. You see, it was all set up in a way that would make a Zoey vs. Mike/Mal finale make sense. And besides, if she didn't take Mike to the finale, he could have seen a psychologist instead of having a reset button...LAMEEE. Not only did Zoey win 3 challenges IN A ROW, she also nearly committed suicide to prove a point. That to me is a star protagonist. 

2. Ed McDonald. The writer of such magnificent episodes as Moon Madness, You Regatta Be Kidding Me, and let's not forget the best episode of the season...Sundae Muddy Sundae. His love for Cameron and destruction of great plotlines such as Scottney and Gwentney were fantastic. I mean, for one, Courtney didn't deserve redemption, and second, who doesn't want Cam overstaying his welcome. This man deserves a cake....or a sundae!

3. Mal was the best antagonist ever. I don't care what you say, no antagonist on this show has ever been so clever as to break things. The way in which Mal destroyed Sierra's smartphone, Sam's GameGuy and Cam's glasses (and some other stuff) with his puny little arms was the perfect build up for his plot. I mean, using a mental illness as a weapon of mass destruction is never a bad idea. The infamous reset button was just the icing on the cake and the perfect climax to an antagonist who breaks things.

4. It was the farthest Courtney ever made it on Total Drama. Enough said.

5. TD's first lesbian relationship: Gwentney. It all happened so suddenly, but it was totes awesome. I mean, Gwen only came back on the show to make things right with Courtney and tried to do everything she could to prove her loyalty. Anyway, it worked out and I swear the two almost kissed in Regatta. Courtney is so hot, who wouldn't want to be with her? TD finally showed its diversity with its first ever lesbian pairing and I couldn't be more happy! Let's hope they adopt a kid together.

So yeah. TDAS was fab. I don't care what you say, Meg, it was the best season ever.

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