Sin 1


  • Where did Leshawna, Heather and Lindsay get those chairs, chips and magazines from?

Sins 2 and 3


  • Why are Heather and Lindsay reading the same magazine?
  • Also, what even are those magazines about? They just look like a whole bunch of lines.

Sin 4


  • Convenient horn is convenient.

Sin 5


  • Wasn't Bridgette just holding her surfboard with her left hand?

Sins 6 and 7


  • DJ's elbows look exactly the same.
  • Also, Trent, who was right next to DJ, has disappeared

Sins 8 and 9


  • Elbows can't get hand or foot treatments.
  • Also, how did Leshawana get to the confessional that fast?

Sin 10


Owen is so shocked that his eyes shrunk.

Sins 11 and 12


  • Where was Duncan standing?
  • Also, this face.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------V

Capture 3005

It looks like Geoff is on something here

Sins 13, 14, and 15


  • Where were Duncan, Trent and Geoff standing?

Sin 16


  • What audience demanded to bring Eva back?

Sin 17


  • It sounds like Eva just sat on a microphone.

Sin 18


  • Loudspeakers don't work like that.

Sin 19


  • How are we is able to see that flashback? And how is Chris able to see it?

Sin 20


  • Chris literaly just lied about the one thing that he made really, really, really, really clear on Day 1.

Sin 21


  • No, she's not reasoning with a loudspeaker, she's reasoning with Chris McClean, and that's worse.

Sin 22


  • (Heavy Breathing)

Sin 23


  • Hmmm.....I seem to remember Courtney saying that.

Sin 24


  • Oh, that audience.

Sin 25


  • What exactly is holding that vine up?

Sin 26


  • If Izzy really was living in the woods this whole time, then why didn't we see her in Paintball Deer Hunter?

Sin 27


  • She deserves to get E.coli from that.

Sin 28


  • Even more proof that she was not just "living in the woods this whole time".

Sins 29 and 30


  • That boat was not there a minute ago.
  • Also, what happend to Eva's boat?

Sin 31


  • Why is Izzy is standing next to that random wood burning stove?

Sins 32 and 33


  • What's up with that angle? Did someone drop the camera on a random incline?
  • Also, that stool moved.

Sins 34 and 35


  • How was Heather able to remove all that tape that fast without moving?
  • Also, how was she able to put into a ball?

Sin 36


  • That surfboard was not there before.

Sin 37


  •  *censored*

Sin 38


  • How did Duncan end up next to Chris?

Sin 39


  • What happend to Chef's meat cleaver?

Sin 40


  • Why you still mad at Trent for that, Gwen? You seemed to have worked well with him since then.

Sin 41

(9:57) and (10:13)

  • "We're gonna wax every part of your body", Only waxes face.

Sin 42


  • Heather's eyes shrunk.

Sin 43


  • According to that timer, Lindsay made it through all 10 seconds. However, the marshmellow wax went on her at 10:13, and Chef pulled it off at 10:21, meaning that was only 8 seconds. Lindsay should be eliminated and it should be all Chef's fault.

Sin 44


  • Lindsay's eyes shrunk.

Sin 45


  • You already said that, Eva.

Sin 46


  • How was Leshawana able to get to the confessional that fast? AGAIN

Sins 46 and 47


  • Um hello, OVER HERE! Yah hi, I'd like to issue a challenge on that ruling, I saw Geoff get fully in the barrel at 12:11, and get out at 10:22, which means he was in there for 11 seconds.
  • Also, "If your victim can last 10 seconds without saying uncle you get eliminated instead", Geoff gets eliminated. If Courtney's lawyers were here, they would have a field day with you, Chirs.

Sin 48


  • How did that chair turn into ye olde stocks?

Sins 49, 50 and 51


  • What happend to Owen in this challenge?
  • Also, why they give him 5 seconds before Chef applied the woodpecker?
  • And what happend to Chef's mask? I wouldn't want that woodpecker pecking at my face.

Sin 52


  • I don't seem to recall the boa constrictor being an option on the wheel.

Sins 53 and 54


  • Maybe she hasn't complained in a while because she thought she was eliminated, you know, after her victim supposedly didn't last the required 10 seconds.
  • Also, I thought she was supposed to be able to choose her victim's method of torture?

Sin 55


  • How did Leshawana make it to the confessional that fast? Part 3

Sin 56


  • How did Gwen make it to the confessional that fast?

Sin 57


  • Where did Eva get that toe tag from?

Sins 58, 59 and 60


  • Not sure why Chef would need his mask on now.
  • Also, large crate good for keeping sasquatchanakwas courtesy of the Acme Corporation.
  • And lastly, how did they get him in that crate?

Lightning round

It's time for a lightning round!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's alot that went wrong with the next 3 minutes. So instead of attacking all the sins individualy, I'm just gonna group them together.


  • Eva never closes the door, yet somehow, it is closed 2 seconds later.


  • Eva apparently tore off Sasquatchanakwa's legs, even though we see him later, and he appears to be just fine.
  • Also, why do they fit her?


  • How did Bridgette get into those stocks?


  • Wait, this happend in the past, before Eva goes into the crate? Oh screw it, I'll just add it up later.


  • Not  an option on the wheel.


  • Not  an option on the wheel.


  • Not  an option on the wheel.


  • Nothing wrong here as far as the wheel goes, there was an ice cream cone as an option on it, but it supposedly happend before Eva's challenge, so I'm counting it as a sin.


  • Not  an option on the wheel.


  • Not  an option on the wheel.
  • Plus one sin per character who was supposedly eliminated before Eva got in the crate with Sasquatchanakwa, that's 4 more.


  • How did Duncan get eliminated?
  • How did Heather get eliminated?


  • How'd Leshawana get into the confessional that fast? Part 4


  • Wait, this show has judges? And how do they know what's going on? And where were they when Lindsay was allowed to still compete and Geoff was eliminated?
  • Also, why do they have to know Izzy reason for doing it before they allow it?


  • "Eva, you're up", Leshawana does the challenge


  • How Leshawana get into the confesssioal that fast? Part 5


  • Not  an option on the wheel.

  • Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but throughout this whole thing, I don't believe 4 of the challenges had a name.

Let's see, there's the whole Eva not closing the door and Sasquatchanakwa's legs and the Bridgette stocks paradoxes, Chris saying that some challenges happening before Eva's challenge, the 4 characters who were eliminated in said challenges, 6 total challenges which weren't an option on the wheel, Leshawana's confessionals, the fact we never saw how Duncan and Heather got eliminated, the judges, and why they needed to know why Izzy wanted to choose herself as her victim, Chris being about as accutate as a weatherman when it come to who does challenges, and 4 challenges that didn't even have a name, that's 27 sins total; 60 + 27 = 87 total sins!

Okay lightning round over.

Sin 88


  • The lake is suddenly infested with piranhas because reasons.

Sin 89


  • How did all those characters move from where they were standing to the lake in those stocks?

Sin 90


  • The challenge start here, but the clock says 10 seconds at 18:27.

Sin 91


  • Yah, I'm gonna have agree with Eva here, she didn't get to pick Leshawana's challenge.

Sin 92


  • Eva must apparently be planning on going swimming sometime soon.

Sin 93


  • Leshawana should not be able to pick up Chef and throw him around like that.

Sin 94


  • Ya know this reminds me, why was Izzy never shown in in the stocks?

Sin 95


  • So the cow goes moo, the pig goes oink, and the Chef goes howl?

Sin 96


  • Ah, so that's why they were only able to wax Lindsay's face.

Sin 97


  • That was an awfully quick recovery for Izzy.

Sin 98


  • Yes, only 6 votes because Trent's not there.

Sins 99-101


  • Eva is still within earshot, why can't we hear her over Izzy's voice?
  • Also, where's Trent?
  • And Heather?

Sin 102


  • Shouldn't they be heading AWAY from the water?

Sin 103


  • How did Molotov the Bear steal Sadie's clothes?

Sin 104

  • Also, didn't see where it happend but at some point, Gwen mysteriously disappears.

Final sin count: 104

Sentence: Turtle puck shots

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