Hello, evreyone! Please read my prvious blog post about Geoff and Bridgette or Ezekiel and Bridgette before reading this post. This blog is on who you think Lindsay should date; Trent or Tyler

Tyler and Lindsay

Well, Tysay was a relationship on Camp TV, but, that's old stuff for Fresh TV now. But, TDI was when the relationship glowed. It was a minor attraction on the first 4 episodes, but in Not Quite Famous, they became a couple (doh, she made out with him while doing something for Heather, epic win). It was kinda rude to say goodbye to him after his ellimination then flirt with Trent the next episode, but, she was still upset during TDA ("We should get Tyler to do it!" "He's not here anymore!" "Oh, right! Bummer...") because Tyler didn't compete, but in TDWT, it became a major couple. She forgot his name a few episodes, but remembered him in Slap Slap Revelution. Chris, what were you thinking? Breaking up the first Tysay kiss since Not Quite Famous? ...... Anywho, moving on.

Trent and Lindsay

This, again, is a minor attraction, only seen a few times in the series. Lindsay had little interaction with him, by the way. She flirted with him in Up The Creek (sorry, Tyler), was happy about him picking her in Riot on Set, but was annoyed with him during Beach Blanket Bogus. But she made the situation betting in 3:10 to Crazytown when she threw a rope on him, showing, once again, her minor stupidity.

So, there you have it. Who will be the one for the Dumb Blond? You'll find out.. soon...

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