Hello TDW! I have a Total Drama Island (please see mah userpage for the link), and I need some pepole to sign up. Just edit the gallery. For example, Duncan's picture says "Duncan = Avalible". When you sign up, change avalible with the link to your userpage. (Please Note:Some of the challenges you need to do in real life. Others are on the wiki.) You also may wonder why Justin and Alejandro (FINNALY I SPELT IT RIGHT!!!! XD.) are both in it. The reason is so it would make some drama. They are both a big threat (in the show) and (possibly in my TDI) they will cause drama, especilly if Heather gets in the middle of it. So, please sign up. It will be lots of fun! If you win, you get a certificate made in Paint (not real life paint) made by me! So, come sign up for TDI!

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