Okay, if you read the previous version, great. If not, read this.


  • Episode One- Non Elimination, teams are formed, attractions (MikexDawn) and conflicts (Ann Maria-Brick) are formed aswell.
  • Episode Two- Challenge. Radioactive Rats win, Brick leaves.
  • Episode Three- Challenge. Mutant Maggots win. Staci leaves.
  • Episode Four- Reward. Dawn is revealed to have a diary and has a crush on somebody at camp (Mike), like Gwen.
  • Episode Five- Challenge. Maggots win. Sam leaves.
  • Episode Six- Teams merge. Mike and Dawn hook up. Ann Maria gets Zoey eliminated.
  • Episode Seven- Challenge. Mike wins and gives his win to Dawn. Lightening quits.
  • Episode Eight- Reward. Ann Maria wins.
  • Episode Nine- Challenge and a double elimination. Jo and B are eliminated.
  • Episode Ten- Challenge. Cameron leaves.
  • Episode Eleven- Challenge. Dakota leaves.
  • Episode Twelve- Challenge. Mike gets eliminated.
  • Episode Thirteen- Final episode. The old cast from TDI, TDA and TDWT, aswell as the eliminated TD:ROTI come to watch. Ann Maria looses the tie breaker, making Scott and Dawn the final two. Dawn looses and Scott wins.
  • Episode Thirteen (Alternate Ending): Episode is the same, except Scott looses and Dawn wins.
  • Episode Fourteen (Reunion Special): The TD:ROTI and 24 contestants reunite. They all qualify for a fifth and final season.

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