As we all know, Duncan won Total Drama Action because he had more votes then Beth, the runner up. This was switched around in the alternate ending. However, there are some things that have not been answered about the ending to this season (not counting CMTDARCRS).

The Votes

Okay, so we know that Courtney and Owen voted for Duncan, while Justin, DJ and (possibly) Lindsay voted for Beth, and that Izzy voted for Explosivo. But who did the others vote for?

  • Geoff: Duncan (possibly)
  • Bridgette: Beth (possibly)
  • Izzy: Izzy/Explosivo
  • Trent: Beth (possibly)
  • Gwen: Duncan (possibly)
  • DJ: Beth
  • Owen: Duncan
  • Heather: Duncan (possibly)
  • Leshawna: Duncan (possibly)
  • Justin: Beth
  • Lindsay: Beth
  • Harold: Beth (possibly)
  • Courtney (Duncan)

And with that, my theory of the votes for the winner could've been 6-6-1, meaning the votes were tied and maybe, just maybe, one of the disqualified contestants voted due to a tiebreaker and Izzy voting for herself. And, just for fun, the people who didn't qualify for TDA could've voted for....

  • Ezekiel: Beth
  • Eva: Duncan
  • Noah: Debatable
  • Katie: Beth
  • Tyler: Debatable (possibly Duncan)
  • Cody: Beth
  • Sadie: Beth

And so, the DQ votes would have been 3-4, if you count Noah as a vote for Duncan. Then, if Noah voted for Beth, the votes would have been 4-2.

Why So and So voted for Duncan or Beth

  • Geoff (Duncan): Because they were good friend during TDI.
  • Bridgette (Beth): Because Bridgette dislikes Duncan and Beth was nice to her.
  • Izzy (Explosivo): Because Izzy is Izzy and she goes above and beyond.
  • Trent (Beth): Because of Duncan's bullying to him and Beth's kindness.
  • Gwen (Duncan): Because of her obvious crush for him.
  • DJ (Beth): Like he said, here aren't enough gentle millionares in the world. *shrug*
  • Owen (Duncan): Like he said, healthy eater.
  • Heather (Duncan): Because of running over dandilions, she agreed that they were weeds and she hates Beth.
  • Leshawna (Duncan): Because of Beth's "reward" of her kindness and Duncan kind of respected her.
  • Justin (Beth): Because of The Princess Pride. 'Nuff said.
  • Lindsay (Beth): Hello, she said that she was voting for her!
  • Harold (Beth): He hates Duncan.
  • Courtney (Duncan): Obvious crush.


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