Hey! Time for le review of Not So Happy Campers - Part 1!

The Characters

Well, for me, I thought that the show would be really interesting when I first saw it; I mean, a sadistic host, 22 teens with nothing in common, and a awesome (yet badly tempered) chef? I thought it would be the best thing since Friends! And I was right :3

Chris' character was great. He wasn't so obsessed about putting the cast in death defying challenges, and wasn't so boring; a perfect, lovable character. At first, when Beth arrived, I thought "What the crap? She won't go far." She didn't go that far compared to somebody like LeShawna or Duncan, but she was kinda annoying, IMO of course. DJ was one of those lovable characters, like Chris; a buff n' tough guy, but with a soft heart. Gwen was kinda boring at first for me. She was like "I didn't sign up for this" and "Okay this sucks". But following Trent's arrival, I figured she'd get some character development. I wasn't exactly a Geoff fan, either. I mean, some guy who loves to party and do nothing else. "Hey look, we've got our winner right here baby!"

Lindsay was, once again, one of those lovable characters. She had that dumb-blonde personality, and I found that really funny that she didn't really know anything (not being mean, just with her personality). I was pretty interested in Heather. She seemed like a pretty good antagonist, and I looked forward to how she would be a villain and if she could hide it from others. Duncan was instantly who I thought would win; aside from Heather, he seemed like the strongest player at that moment. Tyler was (yet again :/) another lovable character. I mean, a sporty type of guy that actually sucks at sports? Comedy gold! :P

I honestly didn't like Harold at first, but over time he got on my good side. I hated him because he was kind of annoying where he was like "WICKED" and "GOSH", but I realized "Hey, this guy is related to Napolean Dynamite!" and grew to love the guy. Trent seemed like a cool guy, I guess. I kinda got interested in him to see if being liked by Gwen would give them both character development. I hated Bridgette. I mean, another surf chick? We already have H20. :/

I thought Noah was hilarious. I love sarcastic people, they remind me so much of... well, me. However, with his sarcasm, I realized he wouldn't go as far as Noah fans hoped, since his sarcasm would irritate the stronger contestants. I knew LeShawna would have some sort of interaction with Harold. I mean, hello? Obvious LeFawundah (or howver you spell it) parody. I wasn't the biggest fan of Katie and Sadie in this season, but they were pretty funny so I began to like them both (mostly Katie). Ezekiel annoyed me. I'm sorry, but just because you're homeschooled, doesn't mean you can't know barley anything :3

I thought of Cody to be a ladies man at first, but boy was I wrong o_O. Kinda shrimpy, but kinda annoying, so hated him from the start. Eva had a bad temper, but seemed pretty cool; I liked her. Owen is AWESOME! :D He is just so happy and fun compared to all of the other contestants. Yet one more lovable character. I thought Courtney was kinda bossy at first, and kinda boring; her personality didn't really stand out amongst everybody else.

Justin was just... *insert Jessie McArtney* Another pretty face. But seriously, he was quiet and didn't do much, so I wasn't a big Justin fan. Izzy is ANOTHER lovable character; How can you not love a woman that can barf like a guy, and come back for more? I'm a big Izzy fan. And lastly, CHEF HATCHET! Chef, like Eva, has a bad temper. He seemed like a awesome guy.

And so, I guess you could say that so far, this season was.... *sunglasses* Totally dramatic.

The Teams

Killer Bass

I loved this team. I knew it would have problems. I mean, you've got H20 Chick, No-Personality, Tough Guy/Big Heart, Juvie, She Jock, Homeschooled, Party Freak, Napolean, The Sucky Sporto and the Twins. Even if they had problems, I had a feeling that they would be tough to beat throughout the challenge.

Screaming Gophers

Strongest team. By far. You've got Owen, LeShawna, Gwen, Heather and Izzy on one team, you can instantly think; "This team is gonna be pretty powerful." Yeah, call me crazy, but I love both of the Total Drama Island teams. Go ahead; SUE ME. :|

The Challenge

Our sneak peak of the challenge was a cliffhanger, and I HATE cliffhangers. But yeah, I wasn't suprised with THOSE teens that this would be the type of challenge we'd be seeing. I was pretty pumped for it.

Top Characters and Quotes and Stuff/Ending Paragraph

Okay, so you could tell that I really liked Chris, DJ, Lindsay, Owen, Duncan, Eva, Tyler, etc. But I also had some fav quotes! Let's hear 'em.

  • Duncan: Nice board. This ain't Malibu, honey.

Bridgette: I thought we were going to be on a beach. Chris: We are. (a seagull gets washed into the water, revealing an immensely polluted beach) Bridgette: (sighs) Great. Chris: All right, that makes... (Bridgette bonks him on the head with her board) Ow! Darn it, that hurt!

  • Izzy: (on the boat) Hi Chris, Hi. (she falls off the boat, bonks her chin off the docks and falls in the water)

Tyler: Ooh! That was bad. (chuckles) Courtney: Guys, she could be seriously hurt. (pulls Izzy out of the water) Izzy: That felt so... good! Except for hitting my chin. Is this summer camp? That is so cool! Do you have paper mache here? Are we having lunch soon? Owen: That is a good call!

  • Lindsay: Excuse me, Kyle? Can I have the cabin with the lake view since I'm the prettiest?

Chris: Okay, you are, but that's not really how it works here. And it's Chris.

  • Geoff: Yo, my man, can we order a pizza? (Chef throws a knife at the wall, scaring Geoff) Woah! It's cool, G! Brown slop is cool!
  • Katie: What do you think they'll make us do?

DJ: It's our first challenge. How hard can it be? (cut to a scene where the campers are on top of a huge cliff) Oh sh- (censored)

And those were my fav quotes! Until the next review, I am Gary the Gaget Dude, signing off on TOTAL DRAMA REVIEWS! Gary the Gaget Dude I want my bubble! I want my bubble! 11:25, May 24, 2012 (UTC)

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