Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been on this wiki. So um.... yeah.

Last time I tried reviewing the first season of Total Drama was two years ago. I didn't really like the format I had then, and since it's been two years... I figured I would just start fresh.

So welcome all to my review of... Not So Happy Campers - Part 1! Please comment your opinions on this review, because I'm taking time out of school, my social life, and watching Arrow to do this. Thanks!

So our episode opens with Chris, just talking about his little show, how it works, etc.. It's a well done intro, and Christian Potenza, I may add, does a pretty good voice for a reality show host. Although every time I see and hear Chris, I think of Jude from 6Teen. To be fair, every time I see and hear Jude from 6Teen, I think of Chris. Weird, I know. Don't judge me.

"To survive, they'll have to battle black flies, grizzly bears, disgusting camp food, and each other.

As far as I know, black flies were never involved. The rest of it is pretty accurate, but the talking maggot was probably one of the funniest things I've seen so far, and we're only, like, 2 minutes into the episode.

Alright, so we're getting introduced to the cast. First off we have Beth, who's short, has braces, and spits when she talks.

"Wow.. you're much shorter in real life!"

Look who's talking, spaz. Next up we have DJ, who's a pretty likable character, and as we've seen later on in the season, a pretty funny character too.

"You sure we got the right place? Where's the hot tub at?"

"Yo, dawg, this is it! Camp Wawanakwa!"

Isn't this just a bit... nah, not gonna go into that argument. Kids show. Besides, we have our next contestant, Gwen. She looks pretty PO'd, and it's not about the resort thing Chris was speaking about earlier.

"I did not sign up for this."

Then who did, your toilet back home?

"Actually, you did."

Thank you, Chris. I knew a talking, walking toilet wouldn't be good for ratings. Also, then Gwen has to go rip her contract. Veerrrrrrrrrry mature for a 16 year old. But, you know...

"The great thing about lawyers is, they make lots of copies."

Well, since Gwen's mopey for some reason, let's move on. So now we have Geoff, who is your typical laid back, easy going, fun loving, party crazed dude.

"Chris McClean! 'Sup man, honor to meet you, man!"

"The Geoff-ster! Welcome to the island, man!"

They've passed the limit of the phrase "man" per episode. But whatever. More of mopey Gwen. Moving on to our next contestant, Lindsay, who is easily one of the most attractive cartoon characters, but sadly, also one of the dumbest.

"Not too shabby..."

Isn't Chris, like, 30? These kids are 16! They are way too young for him, either the writer's are making a peverted joke or Chris is just a pedo bear.

"Hi! Okay, you look SO familiar!"

"I'm Chris McClean. The host, of the show?"

"OHHHH, THAT's where I know you from!"

Remember how I said Lindsay was dumb earlier. This proves my point.

Next up we have the queen bee herself, Heather, who needs to check herself before she Shreks herself. That attitude ain't gonna fly, hon. But I would do the same if a pony-tailed short girl with braces just spit all over my right arm.

Finally. My favorite contestant in the entire first generation cast. DUNCAN!

"I don't like... surprises."

The first time I saw this, that quote AND the music gave me chills. But I'm sorry, love me or hate me for this, but Duncan is my favorite first generation contestant. Hands down. I don't know how to explain it... but he just is.

"Meet you by the campfire, gorgeous."

"Drop dead, you skeeze."

BAD HEATHER. That is NO WAY to speak to a man with that many piercings, a dog collar, a duffle bag, an attitude, a green mohawk, and not to mention, a Juvie. She is DIGGING her own grave.

"Ladies and gentleman, Tyler!"

Who wears a tracksuit in the summer? Sorry, moving on. I have nothing to say about Tyler except he's a "unique" twist on the dumb jock. He's dumb, but he's not a jock. Continuing on with the episode now...

"So you mean this show is at a crappy summer camp and not on some big stage or something?"

"Yes! That is so much more favorable to my skills!"

Is that Napolean Dynamite's younger brother or something? Harold is pretty freaking hilarious. They should've put a "Vote 4 Pedro" sticker on his design. But probably legal issues had to do with it. Anyways..

Next we have Trent, who in my opinion is bland. Just very... bland. Just a very... bland character. Like Tyler, I have nothing to say about him except he's just... BLAND. Put "BLAND" on his forehead. I can't even explain the bland-ness, but he is. And am I the only one that finds it annoying that Gwen leaves Sour Puss Land because of some guy with a guitar and a O on his chin? I mean, come ON.

But enough ranting. Bridgette is here, and she almost takes everyone out with it.

"Pfft, nice board. This ain't Malibu, honey."

Can we have a show called "Duncan: The Animated Series", then have it spin off into "Duncan Beyond" and "The New Duncan Adventures"?

"Okay, we've all met surfer girl... can we get on with the show, please?"

Don't get your panties in a twist. Currently, Sour Puss Land is once again occupied by someone. But anyway, we have Noah, who, like Heather, has an attitude. However, Noah is funny... Heather is not.

"You got my memo on my life threatening allergies?"

"Sure someone did."

These "allergies" are never shown. Also, I'm pretty sure Chris needs to take care of that, because he can get sued if Noah has an allergic reaction, or gets sick or something, and Chris and the TDI staff can't fix him up. Moving on now...

"Is this where we're staying?"

"No, it's your mother's house, and we're throwing a party!"

"Duncan: The Brave and the Bold" and "Beware the Duncan", anyone? "Duncan: Year One"? Something just about Duncan?

Next up, we're introduced to LeShawna.

"What's up, y'all? LeShawna's in the house!"

Dang, she's funny. But you know what's even funnier?

"You're really big. And loud."

This kid is just really stupid, or he's just being funny on purpose. But what's NOT funny? These two chaches.

"Omigosh, Sadie, look! It's a summer camp!"

"Ok, I've ALWAYS wanted to go to summer camp. EEEEEEEEH!"

Can I die now, please? Katie and Sadie are so... BAD. Just not funny, and bad characters altogether. Not as bad as some future characters, but, moving on.

"Ezekiel, what's up man?"

"I think I see a bird.."

What a moron. Oh well, I like Ezekiel better like this than when he's Toad from the X-Men.

"...just don't say much and try not to get kicked off to early, okay?"

Ironic statement is ironic. Next up, we have Cody, who's kind of annoying this season, but he gets better as the season progresses. He's at his glory during TDWT, but that's for another time.

Next up we have Eva, the only trans-gender in the franchise. Kidding of course, but she has a deeper voice than some of the guys here.


Do I think Owen is overrated? Yes. Do I still like him? Of course! He's HILARIOUS! But yeah. Moving on now.

"Hi! You must be the other contestants. It's very nice to meet you all!"

Ah yes, Courtney, before she went crazy. Such a rare sight to see. Another rare sight to see is the newest contestant Justin, who has four lines total in this episode, and doesn't talk until the last episode of TDI. Must suck for his voice actor.

"Hi Chris, hi! Hi! WOAH!"

Izzy is a nutcase. She's a fireball, alright, but she's probably one of the funniest contestants. She's very entertaining to watch.

"Everyone on the end of the dock!"

Did he seriously think this was a good idea? Really? This could only mean trouble...

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