Now I'm sure this will be one of the most popular of my relationship posts. Now, what do you think; Duncn and Gwen or Duncan and Courtney? ....


Okay, I doubted they would even hook up. Up until Who Can You Trust? Courtney finding out about Duncan's soft side, I just thought "Maybe they could..?". Then Basic Straining came up. After the kiss, this paring just became my favorite. Then, Haunt Camp-ture came around. I thought that Courtney was becoming... over-obsessive and way to protective around Duncan. Their kiss in the final episode of TDI was okay for me.. same with the TDI special. But ditching your boyfriend, with a sprained ankle, for a million bucks? I wanted to punch Courtney in the face (although I would get arrested for hurting a girl). At first, I was glad Courtney didn't qualify, until I saw the first two aftermaths. "Duncan is so gonna get it,". At first I thought "Get what? Another kiss?". But then when she debuted, the relationship went downhill, until their kiss in One Million Bucks, BC. It went downhill again until Top Dog, The Aftermath: IV and Celeberty Manhunt's Total Drama Red Carpet Reunion Special. To me they were okay in the final few episodes of TDA. But in TDWT, I just didn't like it anymore. Duncan getting elliminated early was not okay with me at ALL, but I kind of annoyed when Courtney nagged at Duncan during I See London... I was glad to see this relationship go in The Ex-Files, but then I started to think of their kisses, hugs, etc. I still like it but I prefer DxG more.


TDI, I just thought there would be no hope for them, but TDA, my thoughts on this changed. After the (almost) kiss in that unseen clip in the Aftermath, I was shocked and I think my jaw dropped. There was barley anything after this, but I think that Gwen voted for Duncan, but we shall never know unless I ask Brian Froud via YouTube... Anyway, TDWT. This season, I thought after episode one, that they would get together. I waited and waited for an answer, and finally saw the kiss. I was like, "YES!", but then I was like, "Poor Courtney..". And of course Tyler ruined the moment. Greece's Pieces, besides Greek Mix, they barley interacted. The Ex-Files I enjoyed their interaction. Duncan's memoration to Gwen after Picnic at Hanging Dork (by the way I loved it because of Cody falling into some cyotes) I enjoyed. The Polish scene in Hawaiian Style sure showed that they do love eachother, and I'm glad that this relationship will last.


And so, I just want to know your opinions. By the way, I made this picture for you love triangle fans...



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