Hey guys! Evrey week, I will take a picture of somebody falling from the Drop of Shame, and them talking about there ellimination (FAN MADE!) Now, I'll do one for Owen.

Drop of Shame- Owen


  • Owen:Well, Hi, I'm Owen. I just took the Drop Of Shame, because of my ellimination. You see, we were in the Amazon, and uh, I costed my team the challenge, heh. (he lands in the TDA Aftermath place.) Oh, gotta go, I need to talk to Geoff, Katie, Sadie and Blainley about my ellimination.

This has been a Drop Of Shame, with Owen.

Like it? Evrey Tuesday, someone gets a DOS interview and land in the TDA Aftermath place and "talk" with Geoff, Katie, Sadie and Blainley.

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