As I finish a candy bracelet, I make this blog. I've decided to quit. For a reason, however.

Today, on the IRC, I was on a PM with a friend of mine, BarBar. While I was, however, there was a lot of comotion going on at the main chat. Two users were fighting. As the good person I know I am, I tried to stop it. But, I was ignored, so the two users kept shouting. Time, for a story.

Back in the day, on the Club Penguin Wiki, a lot of people were quitting. And I mean a LOT. About a quarter of the wiki GONE before the week even ended. I however, actually had a reason to quit. Everyone else quit because their friends quit. I quit because there was a lot of drama going on. It was too annoying for me to bare. But after a while, the drama came to a halt and I returned.

So, I might come back if some users stop fighting on the IRC for no reason at all. I will miss WM, CD, Mygeto, Mouse, Nalleh, TeamMu, D-coons, and everybody else. Bye, and I'll see you if I come back or see you on another wiki.

Gary the Gaget Dude No need to get crazy! Gary is here at la-ast! 00:11, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

UPDATE: I will not be returning (yet). However, I will come to the IRC here and then.

UPDATE (again :s): I've thought about it, and, I've decided to come back. I will most likely not quit again, and I'll try to achieve my goal of 100 MS edits while I'm in Countdown, and my other goal is to get Featured User.

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