• GagaPancakes


    March 8, 2010 by GagaPancakes

    Hi guys. I want You to tell me how I could help around here. First, I would like to say some stuff about me.

    1. I am a Lady Gaga fan.
    2. I got my username from my friend, Pat (I believe his username is Zac-Byo, or something like that).
    3. I like pancakes.
    4. I want to be friends with Misstditylerfan because my friend told me that she is nice.
    5. I hate Courtney and Lindsay.
    6. My friend is younger than me.
    7. Please call me "GagaCakes".
    8. i hope to have fun with you.
    9. I wish my friend was here.
    10. I'm going to tell my friend I got an account.
    11. Good bye.

    Please help me!

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