In this blog, I am going to talk on a certain character: Noah. Noah has a lot of fans and mostly because of his personality. The sarcastic smart know-it-all guy. I get that this personality is likable and relatable to some people (including me), but Noah failed to appeal on me. Why? For many reasons, lack of screentime, bad writing, a lot of things.

In TDI, he was an obvious fodder. He was early eliminated in Dodgebrawl for being annoying which I understand a character like him can be, but a smart person like him should be able to understand he annoys everyone and is going to be voted off next. Fail #1 "fluffy writing".


Noah, why couldn't you be lke this all the time?

Then we have TDWT where he "shone", well, not to me. In the first episodes he didn't do anything memorable except for a few jokes here and there. In London, he was what I wanted him to be, Team leader, revealed about Alejandro being antagonist and also funny. I wanted depth to his character, for him to show potential in the competition. But unfortunately, we all know the problem of this episode, it had a great beginning but feels like it was written by a kid in the last minutes, and Noah's elimination is one of these bad writing moments. Fail #2 "lack of screentime"

Last season where Noah dissapointed me most, RR. Okay, at first he was good. His sudden crush on Emma was weird and his reaction in next episode but fine, I let that slip. Then we have three good episodes of him. In Dubai, he liked Emma but did something else than staring at her and smiling, and the attraction became an alliance. In China they just repeated what they did in Dubai with a different plot, but that was still fine. And his character got to the best in Finland, him caring about Emma's reaction to the air guitar was believable and relatable and I laso liked his friendship with Owen moments this episode, that we never got as a deep friendship but only as the sarcatic and happy-go-lucky duo. His and Emma's relationship headed a different way in the end which was a great direction. Also Emma's sabotage was EPIC.

Tumblr nv4enkciKo1si71aho2 1280

Well... Crap.

Then we had a little break of them but then that came: The dreaded Maori or Less. Despite Noah's line in previous episode, now both became crazy about each other, totally ignored the competition and became useless to me, even the Sisters that I liked before. I really didn't have a problem if they had gotten the boot in this episode even because that would be unfinished. In Little Bull, Noah just did nothing, NOTHING. The complete opposite of his character, I get that you're sad but move on, or better, try to win her back! Because that just was really pathetic. Furthermore, not only was he annoying and OOC, he also mysteriously godplayed in the bull challenge. Emma fixed things, he woke up from whatever it was, is it finally over? No! Let's drag it for two more useless episodes instead of giving that time to another team. Fail #3 "bad writing, being OOC, too much screen time" you're out!

I know you might say it was his first crush so it's believable, but he was still determined to win the competition in the beginning ("In all  shows I've been on, I've lost, this time, no excuses, no distractions, I got my eye on the cheddar"). Them he suddenly does nothing but Emma, it's just not realistic and not a healthy relationship (TDA Geoff and Bridgette anyone?). I understand that he cares about her but it should be more realistic and not crazy, just like how it was in the air guitar chalenge in I Love Ridonc & Roll.

I like Noah because he is a good character but I still view him as someone who failed to fulfill his purpose for character and could've been done better. And RR was a huge dissapointment for him.

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