This blog is about which teams I think are going to make it to the finale of The Ridonculous Race. This is a hard question because there are so many great teams and the writers did great job on the show by far so I don't know what to except. I wrote this blog only after watching the first eleven episode and no other episodes or teasers. In the blog i'll write a paragraph about each team and explain why I don't think they are going to be in the finale until only three will left (I'm not sure if there will be two or three teams in the finale but I'll talk about that when i'll get to there). Well, let's start:

Rockers: I can't see why they didn't leave in China, for them to come in first place the next episode because the challenge was rigged for them?

Stepbrothers: I think we can all agree they are going to be eliminated soon so the finale is not an option.

Goths: I don't like them like everyone else, I'll probably get killed for this sentence but I only liked them in episode 11 because this is the only episode they developed and showed emotions. They're just not the finale type. 

Daters/Haters: They are pretty cool now when Stphanie got competitive and they became haters but there are better pairs and they were supposed to be eliminated in Hawaii. 

Owen and Noah: I see the sisters getting further then them because they are new characters and there's no way they both will make it to the finale. Also, do we need another finale with Owen? But I gotta say he was way better in here then TD.

Surfer Dudes: When I first thought about this blog I thought that if there's going to be three teams in the finale they'll be there in third place for the humour but now I don't think they're going to, because they have no storyline so they will probably make it far but not to the finale. I know I will be sad in their elimination episode, if there will be any. 

Father and son: It's really hard for me because they are my favorite pair but I don't think the writers plan they will be in the finale, especially after this week where they only had one scene focused on them in every episode.

Police Cadets: This was the hardest thing to decide and it was between them and the Ice Dancers but at the end I chose the Ice Dancers. It's hard to explain why I didn't put them in the finale because it's more about why I put all the other pairs, but it's mostly because they have no plotline and we haven't seen Sanders' personality because we only saw her interacting with MacArthur and there was nothing special about this. If Brody will be with one of the cadets it should be Sanders to show her personality but it doesn't makes since because he is suppose to be about the same age as Geoff which is 19 as seen in TD and I never heard about a 19 years old police officer. 

Best Friends: Yes! they are here and not the final two! After the twins' soon elimination I think they won't make it to the finale because the writers like them and they'll be third place if there will be three teams in the finale, that would be the writers' best thing to do. I have high hopes with both of them because the writers had a huge improvement since the last seasons of TD and their plot didn't start yet, right now we're in the same point as episode 1: Carrie secretly loves Devin but is afraid to tell him because he has a girlfriend. Move on! But I think Devin will appear to be a nice guy with a huge heart once their plot will continue.

Ice Dancers: They will definitely make it far. They always made it to the first four even with their curse. I can't see how they're going to break it but that will probably be their plot. I don't want Josee to be the antagonist because that will ruin her character, maybe she can be mean to characters in her way or ahead of her and slow them down but I don't expect her to be antagonistic, just mean. I got kinda lost but my point is that I don't want that to be their plot and the reason they will make it far. Actually I think Josee will become nicer to Jacques because she caused them to be cursed and that similar to the situation Jacques was in when he caused them to lose in the Olympics. I think they need to be in the finale because a finale with two nice teams/contestants is kinda boring and that's also true for Total Drama (I don't think antagonists should be in the finale and win but at least a mean character. TDRI did it the best). 

Sisters: When I thought wether or not they will get to the finale I immediately said: of course they will be in the finale. Why? Because they're interesting, Emma's development about becoming nicer to Kitty is interesting, her relationship with Noah when both are competitive and don't know wether they should focus on the love or the competition is interesting. Kitty is also awesome with her interactions with characters. Also they're part of the only alliance now and I predict this alliance to go far.

Well that's it. My predicted finale will have the sisters and the ice dancers and maybe best friends too. Tell me what you think about my prediction and who you predict to be in the finale.

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