Look at this picture and tell me you don't love them

Hi guys and fellow TD fans. So this is a blog about... well, the title explains itself, about the wasted potential of the Father and Son. The moment I saw the father and son I got connected to them and after watching the first episode they were my favorite team, especially Junior. As the series progressed, Junior learned to appreciate his father and they had really good development. They are the characters with the most realistic storyline for me and that's why I ilke Junior so much, he really reminds me myself in many ways. I think they had great potential but the writers didn't use it that much.

First of all, the biggest problem, their elimination. They were eliminated because they were jinxed??? Okay writers, curses and jinxes aren't real, not Beth's tiki idol, not DJ's animal curse, not the Ice Dancers' lava rock and not this one, I think they could've given a better reason for their elimination, I know Dwayne messed up the bull riding challenge, but let's admit that the "jinx" is the main reason, as it delayed their flight and was focused in the episode. Not only that, but Noah seemed to magically complete the challenge, the bull is supposed to throw everyone forwards, backwards and to the sides, not only upwards, you saw how hard it was for Brody, so it was impossible for him to comlete the challenge, or at least it was supposed to be. They had the perfect chance to eliminate the Pros, Noah's situation, the challenge, Emma making things good between them that episode which meant they didn't do anything too important in the other two episodes. So, after they ruined Nemma last episode, at least finish with that this episode, it could've been like that: Emma just told him goodbye and that she's sorry for breaking up with him like that and gave him a goodbye kiss, did we really need the other two episodes for that? That ruined the Pros and this episode for me.

So now, only ninth place? they have big potential, especially more than the Pros and the dull, not funny, annoying, not deep Goths (I know I'm gonna get killed for this and that probably, half of this blog comments are gonna be against this sentence). I wanted them in the final two because they really deserve this but I'll also be satisfied with final five or something like that.

My next issue is them never coming in first. If they're gonna be ninth, you at least gotta give me an episode when they come in first place and win because they worked good in challenges, the closest thing we got was episode 4. Junior is a character that needs to be explored because he is really smart and useful in challenges and I want to see that part of him, so one episode of first place could help, when Junior has a Botch or Watch or dwayne helps them and doesn't drag them down. Every episode I was like, that's gonna be the episode they're gonna rule and got let down everytime, and I'm still dissapointed about that.

Yeah, there's more, now it's about the second week's episodes comletely forgetting they exist with each having about one scene with them, luckily after that hard week for me, I got the amazing Zimbabwe episode.

So that's about it, this is what I wanted to happen, The Pros getting out in Little Bull, father and son making it about final four, having at least two episodes of them in first place by exploring their characters and especially Junior's, and showing their skills.

Junior cheer

Best character ever

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