Ah, Chris, the jerky host of Total Drama who did terrible things like mutating Dakota and breaking up Skave. I'm sorry to tell you this blog is all about him so I know it will be hard to suffer him for so much time but stay with me. This guy deserves a serious karma, I read some people saying he should die but I have a better idea: He should know what the contestants have been through Total Drama and become a contestant himself.

So imagine the first scene of season seven like that:

IMG 0861

It should've been Chris there

Chef starts the show saying he will host this season because Chris is in a little bit of trouble since last season, then there's a flashback shows Chris in the court, and the judge says that the jury will decide if Chris is guilty or not and suddenly some of the old contestants who appear to be the jury say together "guilty".

Then the scene moves on and Chef introduces the contestants. I heard next season will have returnees and newcomers so that's how my season will be.

After the introduction is done, Chef says that's all of the contestants but the interns come, laughing and telling there's one left. Then two parole officers come, holding Chris (I just thought how funny it will be if Sanders and MacArthur/Valentina will be the officers) while Chris, off course, complains. Chef is happy to see Chris and asks him what happened (Say what you want but they're friends), the officer says the judge decided Chris' punishment will be to compete in this season of Total Drama. Chris continues to complain and say things like: "No, anything else then that". The old contestants see this and laugh at him. Then he makes a confession saying something like that: "If I got stuck in this show, I'll at least try to win, for my dignity and my fans. I will be mean like... Heather or... Alejandro". That will hint he will be the antagonist. I know this resembles Justin's confession in TDA and that's where I got the idea, like Justin he will learn how to become an antagonist and a contestant but then, he will actually become a good one, not like Justin.

And the show goes on with Chris as the antagonist, I know it will be hard to keep him in the game but maybe the contestants will decide to keep him for him to suffer more at least once. He He will also interact with people as a contestant and not as the host. Like:

The returnees, They will probably laugh at him and try to kill him in the challenges which could be funny.

Newcomers, I guess some of them will be his fans or at least won't hate him but Chris is a jerk so I don't think they'll get along and will probably hate each other. But remember he is the antagonist so he can use them.

Topher, He is a clone of Chris so that will be funny to see them interact and don't forget about what happened last season because they won't. I'm not sure where this will go but it would be fun to watch. Maybe there will be an alliance and we'll see Topher is smart and has personally outside Chris.

Sierra, She started to really hate Chris in Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles but it went nowhere in All-Stars, want to see it again.

Chef, So Chef will try to keep the show like before and make dangerous challenges but will also feel bad for Chris because of the challenges and that he technically stole his job. It's hard to think if Chris will be nice to him or even worse then he was before.

Interns, Pretty much what I said about the returnees but in a different way. At least they'll get focus in this season but I want them to interact with contestants.

But if he will stil be a massive jerk after that, there's always plan B...


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