Hi, I am Noah and I want to compete in total drama. As you can see, I am smart and i'll win this easily. This competition will be a small stepping stone to my successful future. I'm not strong but I make up for that with my brains. I have an IQ of 136 and participating in this competition will require no effort for me. Why am I audtioning for such a show, well its because its a chance to show off my intellegence to the world. When I win, I will be just as famous as I am smart. I know I will get picked to participate because of my brains. I know what it takes to win, trust me, I wont give up. Finally, I end my audtion for total drama, so pick me to be in.


Wow, not what I expected at all, this competiton is so bad, I almost feel sorry to all the people that are gonna lose to me, ALMOST.

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