14. Cameron: he got lucky last season, this is an all star cast, except sam. He will probably cost his team the challenge.

13. Sam: I have no idea why he came back, his laziness will make the heros lose.

12. Jo: Its confirmed she is 3rd out, she will annoy everyone by bossing them around 

11. Heather: Her manipulating is known by everyone, they voted her off to break up her and Al.

10. Alejandro: He was thrown off game by Heathers elimination.

9. Sierra: She will miss cody after being apart for a while, so will be voted off.

8. Lightning: his bragging will make his team vote him out.


7. Duncan: Lindsay, Mike, and Zoey made an alliance to vote him out.

6. Scott: Lindsay, Mike, and Zoey did saw him as a threat

5. Gwen: Courtney got her revenge by convincing the Mike, Zoey, and Lindsay alliance to vote her out,

4. Lindsay: Courtney won the challenge so Mike and Zoey had no choice but to eliminate her.

3. Mike: Courtney won the challenge and chose to eliminate Mike.

2. Zoey: She lost a wrestling contest to courtney.

1. Courtney: Beat Zoey at wrestling.


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