Mitch "The Little Monster"

TDI :Mitch, labeled The Little Monster participated in the 3 seasons fell in love

with Justin and because it was eliminated when she suffered much when he was removed.

TDA: In the season 2 and did not have much interest and when he sawwho

flirted with Courtney she committed suicide

TDWT: In season 3 goes further but this time, she manipulated a Chris McLean, which infuriated him and was eliminated

This complete their seasons!


Total Drama Island

She in the first episode sientio one and attraction for Duncan, then knew on his relation with Courtney and was where Justin.

When she was eliminated I confuse seeing illusions, Heather I entrust him on that they were eliminating it.

Total Drama Action

She became very a friend of Lindsay, pipe an alliance to eliminate to Heather and Leshawna, they achieved it but despues the empesaron to hating.

In the special one they revealed a paper clip on Mitch's kiss and Duncan.

Total Drama World Tour

She partio mu enclosed good of iso friend of Duncan and Heather, but then Courtney I inform of the kiss mysteriously, which Courtney empeso his obesion for eliminating it.

Mitch I tire of everything and in Sweden Sour nego to singing and it was eliminated

Camp TV

It was one of that I do not take part in Camp TV.


  • Mitch is the only one who has tried to seduce Chris McLean
  • Mitch in particular demonstrates its hatred towards Blaineleyand Ezekiel fighting in a scene censored


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