• GArrow101

    My Top 5 Contestants

    August 5, 2014 by GArrow101

    I'm listing my Top 5 campers. List yours down below too!

    5. Dawn I found her quite creepy and mysterious, which I liked. She was an awesome team player and I hope we see her soon.

    4. Tyler Tyler is funny to me. I like how he fails at all sports, and how Lindsay never remembers him.

    3. Anne Maria Many are thinking what? But yep, I said it. I found her funny and I was mad when she quit. I was also sad when h=they were going to add her in All-Stars, but didn't. I hope she comes back.

    2. Brick I found it funny how he always wet his pants and was always hurt. I hope he comes back.

    1. Noah!!!!! Noah is sarcastic, has bad things happen while he is asleep, and is always squished by Owen. He's hilarious! Plus, he needs way more screen time!

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