This is the blog dedicated to explaining the roles of every antagonist in the series, whether they be major or minor.

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Heather - The 0% Approval RatingEdit

Out of all the contestants in the series, I don't think a single one is as universally hated as her(not in the fanbase, the series). In the first season, Heather took control of her team, becoming the unofficial leader. And NOBODY liked her, or approved of her actions(besides Lindsay and Beth, but that changed later). She continued to attempt this type of stuff in every season afterwards, and not once has she ever been approved by anyone. The only real possible exceptions are her only friends(and boyfriend), Cody, Harold, and Alejandro, and even then, Harold and Cody still don't approve of her villainous behavior.

Duncan - The Arch-EnemyEdit

Duncan Axe

The Arch-Enemy

Noah - The Smug SnakeEdit


The Smug Snake

Okay, before anyone says anything, THIS IS A JOKE. For those not aware, Noah's original label for promotional material of Total Drama Island, was "The Schemer." This led many people to think that he was gonna be a villain on the show, possibly the main villain(probably because none of the other labels screamed VILLAIN to anyone). But we all know now, that wasn't true. Being eliminated in only the 4th episode, Noah was not only a failure when it came down to character development, he was a failure of a possible villain. Also, when did he ever scheme during the entire show. The reason i'm calling Noah a Smug Snake, is because he was a contestant that treated everyone else distastefully, failed to be a villain due to his own pride and arrogance, constantly spoke in a sarcastic tone(with a smirk), and he thought he would win purely due to his amazing intelligence.

Justin - The Diabolical Mastermind(to be changed)Edit


The Diabolical Mastermind

Courtney - The Baroness (to be changed)Edit

Alejandro - The Magnificent B**tardEdit

Eine Kleine 08

The Magnificent B**tard

Blaineley - The NarcissistEdit

Ezekiel - The Humanoid AbominationEdit

Scott - The Team Killer(TDROTI) The Harmless Villain (TDAS)Edit


The Team Killer

Jo - The Bad BossEdit

Jo TDRI Rank

The Bad Boss

Lightning - The BruteEdit


The Brute

Mal - The SociopathEdit

Maleficent one appears

The Sociopath

Sugar - The Fat B**chEdit


The Fat B**ch

Max - The Big Bad WannabeEdit

Bigez Max Rankings

The Big Bad Wannabe

I...I honestly don't think I need to explain this one.

Scarlett - The Evil GeniusEdit



Amy - The Alpha B**chEdit

File:Amy TDPI Rank.png

Topher - (to be added)Edit


Dave - The Tragic VillainEdit


The Tragic Villain

Taylor - (to be added)Edit

Taylor DipDap

Stephanie - (to be added)Edit

Stephanie holy crap

Josee - The Ungrateful B**ch (to be changed)Edit

Josee incredibly evil laugh

The Ungrateful B**ch

Jacques - The DragonEdit

Jacques confident

The Dragon

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