the contestants board the plane.they travel to egypt. when they get there leshawna starts falling for alejandro. the challenge is to find ur way through the pyramid. izzy runs right though the pyramid. owen tries to cacth up but coudnet.

izzy passes the finish line. tyler came trying to show off for lindsay. tyler lindsay bridgette and dj pass the line. that made team warrior. gwen came and cross te line.cody came running but sierra didnt want him on gwens team so she pulled him away. hether came out and so did owen owen farted and heather passed out. owen passed the line.alejandro came out with leshawna. they passed the line.harold passed the lin and got mad at leshawna for likeing alejandro. haold

convinced his team to vote leshawna out. gwens team made team awesome. duncan ezekiel cody sierra courtney and heather pass the line. they made team flame. the teams had to race to the flame- 1 team warrior-2

team awesome- 3.

in the end team awesome voted leshawna out for what she did to harold.

elimanated- leshawna

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