It has come to my attention that there has been libel printed against this wiki by Todd Kauffman.

"i was being sarcastic. i mean, don't believe what you read on the TDWiki - most of it is untrue."

First off, this is completley untrue, and generally an assumption made when people think we are the same as Wikipedia. While very similar, the wiki is much more moderated and accurate. I'd even say that accuracy is something that we achieve much, much more often than not. Because, with the massive team of active and intelligent users we have, most information that is blatently fabricated is immediatly, if not very shortly, removed. And by that I mean within the hour. Other slightly biased information is constantly weeded out as well.

So, I take offense to this quote, due to the fact that it is, from my point of view, an act of ignorance. Anyone who comes to our wiki for information is given the truth to the extent that we know it. So saying that "most of" our information is untrue is an inaccurate statement that is incredibly offensive to anyone who has ever edited this wiki frequently with the intent of accuracy.

If his comment was in response to our notation of the Season Four name being changed, that information was based on fact. As you can see here.

Yes, I am offended by this blind assumption. I'm not angry at Mr. Kauffman himself or trying to insult him, but his comment really couldn't be backed up by any trend or evidence. The truth is that this wiki is much more accurate than we are getting credit for, and that is unfair to us. It is also libel.

Once again, I'm not insulting Mr. Kauffman himself. If anything I have said is interpreted as insulting, please tell me what it is so I can apologize for it and take it out.

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