I'm writing a rant blog.

You know what inspired this?! The worst, most repulsive piece of garbage to be ever place on television ever. You guessed it. It's Skatoony.

I find it to be not so much a piece of entertainment as it is a pile of trashy fakeness in order to get us to watch the channel(s) more in order to get more money from advertisers to show us their commericials. Also, they're probably trying to sell more cheaply made merchandise. They are taking wonderfully developed and interesting characters and poorly photoshopping them into a world where they can interact with children.

I'd also like to add that all Total Drama characters are now 17, at least. Put up against little kids, there's no competition.

I also see so much OOC-ness coming out of this "game show" that it's not even worth thinking it's partially canon. It's obvious this will have nothing to do with the actual plotline of the series. I mean, it's OOC for some of these character to want to be on a game show with 10 year old kids. Think Heather would consider it? Or Alejandro? Or Duncan? Or Gwen and Courtney? What about Eva and Noah? I mean, really.

Also, if they put Alejandro on this game show, I will break something.

The whole point of "Skatoony" is to try to get more kids interested in the channel and Total Drama. Honestly, the show isn't even really FOR the kids they're putting with these characters. I mean, would you let your 10 year old watch teenage character make out and other forms of sexual innuedo? It's really ridiculous.

Is this the age group they think likes this show?! I mean, all of us are (supposed to be) at least 13! And there's a whole community of us. It's ridiculous they think younger audience members really enjoy watching the characters. It's a slightly older crowd that can relate to them.

But back to the concept of this show. I mean, it's just stupid. Some people think TD is stupid for being a scripted reality show. But, I mean, this is worse. They actually attempt to make it look like it's a fair Q&A show. It's just a scripted fake pre-planned waste of time.

All I know is, I don't plan on watching it.

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