Alright, it's come to my attention that the other candidates in the election are writing various blogs about who you should vote for to be the president of this wiki. Yeah, I'm running, but I am not the best candidate. Here is a list of reasons as to why you shouldn't vote for me, in no particular order:

  • I have the second most edits on the wiki.
    • Um, hello, why would you vote for me when you can vote for someone who has the most edits?
  • I'm the only girl running.
    • I'm in the minority then so...might as well not vote for me anyway, right?
  • I haven't done any huge projects on the wiki.
    • Yeah, I have a lot of edits, but I haven't done any real big projects on the wiki. Yeah, so I got tons of information about TDA episodes the night that they premiered in Canada, and as soon as they were posted up on the internet, but that hardly even counts. Yeah, I have written a few particularly long summaries for episodes like Search and Do Not Destroy, The Chefshank Redemption, and One Flu Over the Cuckoos. Still...does that even count?
  • I wasn't one of the original elected admins.
    • Yeah, I earned my admin rights, and I did a lot to get them, but who cares if I didn't get them with WM and Nalyd?
  • I get really annoyed when rumors are put on the Wiki.
    • Don't you want someone, all chill, all the time to be leading the wiki? Sure, I am really good with reverting the rumors and stuff, but again...who cares? I mean, all I do is get mad at the person who wrote it...what if they don't deserve it?
  • I'm a Courtney fan.
    • You know what I'm talking about.
  • My avatar is ugly.
    • Would you elect someone who can't even make a decent avatar?

So, there are your reasons. Now I know it's clear that I suck as a candidate. But, if you still, by some stretch of the imagination, support me, feel free to vote for me. You can also add a template to your user page. I'll do the best job I can if I am elected, and I think it would be really fun but still, should you really elect me?

NOTE: Thanks for the nice comments (and the skeptical ones, TDIFan13 :D) I'd just like to say that this message was written the way it is just because I wanted to do something creative. I'm not one of those people that have such low self-esteem that they need emotional support from random people on the internet (that's a little creepy) or one of those people (or bands *cough* Tokio Hotel at the 2008 Video Music Awards *cough*) that wants sympathy votes. I mean, I might as well have fun with the election campaign right? So I did a play on everyone else's blogs by writing this. It's just supposed to be fun. In the words of Izzy, "I thought it'd be funny!" So thanks for every comment, but I just thought I'd be clear on the purpose of this message.

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