No, you can't make stuff up and post it here. This is a wiki for facts. As in, you can't make pages for "interns" with fan-made names. "Billy" and "Emily" are FANBASE-NAMED CHARACTERS. THOSE ARE NOT THEIR CONFIRMED NAMES. Therefore, you may not post the false information saying those are their names. You probably don't mean to, but yes, you are vandalizing. So don't do that.

I think this blog should serve as a fair warning, so the admins will ban if you guys keep posting this fake information. We're a wiki for facts, as I said earlier. Please respect that.

So, it's easy. Only post information you have an official source for. If it is not said in an episode, it probably is not reliable. If you're confused as to whether you can post it, ask an admin.

Any questions? Ask here.

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