"Turner CN Enterprises has picked up the licensing and merchandising rights to Fresh TV's Total Drama...the Enterprises team will be responsible for the product licensing and home entertainment of the whole Total Drama franchise." - Turner Picks Up Total Drama

Turner Broadcasting System is the company that owns Cartoon Network (along with many other channels). Basically, they own the entire Total Drama series now.

I'm not sure what to make of this, I just thought I'd let you guys know.

Edit: "We’re thrilled to be developing an innovative merchandise program focusing initially on soft lines, publishing, DVD and promotions targeting boys and girls ages 8 to 13 years." - Jason Rice, TCNE Confirms LM rights for Total Drama

"CNE struck the deal with Cake Entertainment and Fresh TV, creators of the popular animated series Total Drama Island and its upcoming spinoff, Total Drama Action, The agreement calls for CNE to develop licensing and merchandising plans for multiple categories, including home video...The deal expands on the relationship between Cartoon Network, which is the broadcaster for both series, and Cake." - CNE to Handle Total Drama (This is an older one.)

"In London Turner CN Enterprises acquires the licensing and merchandising rights to Fresh TV's tween/teen-targeted animated reality series parody Total Drama. Turner CN Enterprises is developing a product licensing and home entertainment program for the Total Drama franchise, which includes Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama Season 4. The initial merchandise program will focus on soft lines, publishing, DVD and promotions targeting tween boys and girls." - Cynopsis Media :: 03/09/10

Note: From what I read on ToonZone, it looks like this is the reason Total Drama, The Musical is now Total Drama World Tour.

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