Dear Total Drama Wiki Users,

It is said by some that for every action that is made, the person making it will do it for something they have the potential of gaining, conscious or subconcious. I'm not sure if I agree with this, but I feel like the concious constant search for gains from every action is a sign of corruption. Unfortunatly, I have found a great deal of this to be present on the wiki as of late.

Yes, you are all friendly people. I know that you have kind hearts. You're not trying to harm anyone or anything. Unfortunatly, it is still happening.

Users are being shoved out of the way as others attempt to gain. Every edit your making is an attempt to gain power, even if that is not what is running through your mind as you make it.

I have to say that being a user that is being shoved out of the way for the gain of another feels terrible. I do not reccomend it.

You can argue with me all you wish, but that is what is going on.

As for the reason I made this blog. I felt the need to tell the general public that I don't intend on being shoved down without a fight. I love this wiki too much for that.

For how I will deal with this, I am just saying that I refuse to go on the IRC as a casualty. If you wish to chat with me, you may request it of me. I may just say no. As of now, I feel incredibly uncomfortable with the demeanor of those who frequent the IRC. Not all of them, but several.

I do not wish to spend my time there any longer.

However, I am still an admin. I will help you with your problems. I will tell you why you are banned. If you have editing questions, blog questions, forum questions or any other form of question please come to me and ask. I will love to answer.

Also, for anyone who cares about details, as Total Drama World Tour has ended and we have a massive database of information, I've decided that it is time for an official wiki stylebook. What is a stylebook? Glad you asked. A stylebook is a documentation of a set style for all of the text that will be put in out database. (i.e. what will and will not be capilized, how many times to link a page from another page, how to organize info in an character info box etc.) I think I'll place an original copy of the stylebook in a forum soon, but make comments on things to add and change, please. I want this to be a collaboration work.

If you have something to ask me, tell me, share with me, etc. please comment on this blog. If you have a problem with how I am dealing with this situation, that's unfortunate.

I think it is important to add that I respect every member of this wiki as a person, and it is ridiculous to think that I would ever intentionally do anything to harm this wiki and it's members.

With all due respect,


Update: I posted in the forum what is the beginning of the stylebook concept.

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