The title says it all. I'm just writing a few of the things I've been thinking about the wiki. I'll add more if I remember more.

1. Why do we have TDRP-related polls on our front page? This is the Total Drama Island Wiki, not the Total Drama Island Wiki's Roleplay Wiki. That is an extra and we should direct our polls to a wider audience...the entire wiki, perhaps? What a thought.

2. Something one of the wikia staff members posted for the admins of this wiki sparked an interesting thought. Why is our front page so cluttered? And why do we fill the sitenotice with so much cluttered copy as well? We need to remove the sitenotice and we need to shorten the amount of copy on the main page of our wiki. Once again, most of it is all that little extra stuff. If we want to post updates, we should make an update forum...

3. We need to get the newsletter into action sometime soon, if we're ever going to try it out.

Like I said, I'll remember more.

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