Dear Total Drama Wiki,

The reason I've been so busy this semester is because I've been doing a lot of other things this semester. More specifically, I've worked on five different stage productions between now and June (and one of them isn't over yet, actually). So, I've been kind of busy. I know I've been neglecting the wiki in general, but with school and everything else I've been doing, I can hardly find time to do what I need to get done some days.

I apologize if you feel like I'm neglecting my position as an admin. I am honestly doing the best I can for a high school student who is active in her IRL community. If you don't believe me, that's your problem.

I appreciate all on the wiki who are understanding of my lack of leisure time (which is the time I spend on the wiki, when I can. Which is actually somewhat far from leisure when you think about it) and I promise that I'll stop neglecting you guys as much. I really am doing my best for how much else I'm doing, though.

Anyway, that's all I needed to say. You can go back to your life now.



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