I love Pokemonwelove. He is a user that deserves to be loved because he is so new, yet he interacts with a lot of admins in the IRC. I like to refer to him as “HIM.” He likes the color blue and hates Duncan. It’s true. He really really really hates Duncan. And Courtney too. I’m the opposite of him. I love Duncan and Courtney. I mean, I just do. And he doesn’t. I do. He doesn’t. It’s odd, indeed. Did you know that PWL is his nickname? He also like to be in the IRC.
He seems like, if he were an animal, he would be a squirrel. Squirrels are very cute. I love squirrels. When I was a little kid, I lived in a much warmer state than I do now, and it was warm enough for squirrels to love it there. It really was. And, there was this nice squirrel that would run around in our front yard. It would steal the bird food from the tree next to our house. It really would. I just love squirrels. If I ever had to get a new pet, I might try to get a squirrel. You know, in my old house we also used to have little frogs. They would fall into our swimming pool all the time. I mean, like all the time. And I used to have a tank full of them too. I had that for about a month until my mom decided to tell me to let them go because there wasn’t enough food. I wanted them to happy, so I let them go. I was sad for a few days. I loved my old house, but then we had to move because of my dad’s job. See, I live somewhere else now and my family no longer has a swimming pool. It’s pretty upsetting. We also no longer have squirrels. You know that squirrel I mentioned? That squirrel that I mentioned earlier in this paragraph? Well, we named it “Stealy” because he would steal the bird food. We’d watch him take it all the time, and we’d laugh. I remember that squirrel. I wonder if he remembers me? Well, I don’t think he does, because he might be dead, and I never really met him. I wonder what he would say if he could talk. Maybe he’d have a Southern accent. I think he would be very nice. What do you think? I once saw a squirrel in Washington D.C. when I went there on vacation. It distracted me because it was so cute. Don’t you just love squirrels? I love squirrels almost as much as I like the song “Out Here on My Own.” That song reminds me of squirrels. Did you know that that song is from the movie Fame? Irene Cara sang that song in that movie. I watched it last year when I was sick. Then I went upstairs and took a nap. I was really tired, but it took me about ten minutes to put a blanket over my window so I could sleep because it was the middle of the day. I remember, that earlier that day, I had watched the Total Drama Island episode with the canoes…I can’t remember the name. But, I watched it on my white Sony laptop. I’m typing on that laptop right now. Did you know that? I sure did. I love Fame. That movie is very epic. Have you seen it? I sure have. Did you know that there is a scene with a subway? It was very startling. You know what Fame reminds me of? It reminds me of the loveliness that is water. Water is the best. I love to drink water. My sister’s friend doesn’t like water, but I do. I love water. Speaking of love, I also love the song I am listening to right now. I’m listening to “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by the Ting Tings right at this exact moment. This song is really great, so I think I’ll post all the lyrics. “Shut up and let me go/ This hurts, I tell you so/For the last time you will kiss my lips/Now Shut up and let me go/Your jeans were once so clean/I bet you changed your wardrobe since we met /Now oh so easily your over me/Gone is love/It's you that ought to be holding me/I'm not containable/This turns up/it's not sustainable/I ain't freakin'/I ain't Fakin' this/I ain't freakin’/I ain't Fakin' this/I ain't freakin'/I ain't Fakin' this/Shut up and let me go/Hey!/Shut up and let me go/This hurts, but I can't show/for the last time you had me in bits/Now Shut up and let me go!/For fear of leaving in regret/I changed this one when we first met/Now oh so easily your over me/Gone is love/It's me that ought to be moving on/You're not adorable/I was something unignorable./I ain't freakin'/I ain't Fakin' this/I ain't freakin’/I ain't Fakin' this/I ain't freakin'/I ain't Fakin' this/Shut up and let me go/Hey!/Oh love, hold this./hey/Shut up and let me go/This hurts, I told you so/For the last time you will kiss my lips/Now Shut up and let me go/Hey!” Isn’t that song great? You know what? I’m supposed to be studying for Spanish right now. I’m kind of on a roll here, so I’m going to keep going on this one. This’ll be awesome, for real. I kind of feel nervous, ‘cause I have a test tomorrow, but I think I’ll go study for a while after I finish this. Only about seventy five more words to go from the beginning of this sentence. Isn’t that awesome? I still love squirrels. I’m telling you, if squirrels could talk, it would be awesome. I think that they should make Total Drama Squirrel. Hey, there was a squirrel is Total Drama Island! In the finale, they had that squirrel. No wait…that wasn’t the finale. I’m just kidding, guys. It was…the episode before the finale. Yeah that’s right. It was from the part where Heather screamed bloody murder because they cut off all of her hair. I would too. You know, I washed my hair today. I put in orange shampoo. I really am very happy about that, because now my hair feels very nice. I think my music player has a secret obsession with “Hairspray” because when I put it on shuffle, that’s all it pulls up. Isn’t that great? It really is, I know. My cat wants to leave my room, but when I open the door she runs away. “Meow” says my cat, Mika. She’s really very cute. She likes my keyboard. She really does.
In conclusion, I love Pokemonwelove. Thank you for reading about Pokemonwelove, whom I love.

Side note: TDADJ is also a very nice user. He would be a bug if he were an animal. I like him as I like Pokemonwelove.

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