Hiya guys, Freehugs41 here! Anyone who is involved with the wiki knows that I am one of the three candidates for our current presidential election. So, thus, I thought I'd issue an address. This one is much more serious than the last one I issued, just because I thought it would be more appropriate.

There are several topics I need to cover here, so I thought I blast right in. No better time to start but now right?

Vice President

There is a story behind my choice, so I will tell it before I announce my candidate. Alright, so back during the original election, there were many votes for BB and WM, as you may remember. Now, as you may have realized, there were also two candidates that had some votes, but neither had enought to win. I was one of those users. Then, the other offered very kindly to withdraw from the race, and to have his supporters vote for me; by doing that, it would be more likely for one of us to win. Well, his plan worked, and I am greatful.

Now, as I hope to represent his ideas as equally as my own, due to him sacrificing his own chance for the title, I have decided to choose him as my Vice President.

And there you are, my Vice President shall be:

Nalyd Renrut

He is an admin and a very experienced user. Many of you know him, I'm sure. I'm very proud to call him my Vice President

My Plans

I love this Wiki, as, I'm sure, do my opponents. I hope you agree with my plans to adequatly improve the wiki, although it is great how it is, I must say.


  • Create a council of users on the wiki
    • This would consist of all admins, and any rollbacks that would wish to participate
    • We would meet periodically (in the IRC, most likely) to discuss the wiki, what we (and other users; I'll elaborate later in the list) like and dislike, and what we can do better.
    • This would build a more defined team of leaders for the wiki, and help include more than just admins in important desicions, although some votes would still have to be admin-only.
  • Make rules more defined and understandable.
    • There is lots of gray in our rule system, especially for new users. I hope to make our rules much more black-and-white.
  • Having fun.
    • The Total Drama series is about comedy and fun, and this is a wiki about said series. Thus, we should be having fun.

So, that's pretty much it. Please respond :)

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