Okay, I thought I'd write a blog...just so I can feel like I've expressed some of my opinions. This blog will be on things that I think are absolutley ridiculous/annoying that are TDI/TDA related.

1. People who don't love Courtney

No, that isn't really number one. I'm all for people having opinions that differ from my own. Alright, moving on to the real number one.

1. When people make accounts on websites and there user name is "TheRealTDI(insert character name here)."
It's like, we know they aren't real...well, we should. If you don't, you probably need to get a better understanding of what is reality and what is fiction. Animated series are always fiction. Always. Even when they are based on a true story, there are still parts of it that aren't real. So, really, why would you waste your time pretending to be an animated character?

2. When people make videos on Youtube in an attempt to bring back characters that were voted off.
I mean, are they actually under the impression that they can do something? By the time the first episode airs, the season is almost completly done being made. And, of course, the plot is one of the first things they need to work out, then comes the script, vocals, animation, etc. So, plot-wise, that character had probably be planned to leave at the time they did for over a year. Then, the rest of the season has been planned out. It's not like the creators can go back in time and change the plotline just to please a few fans. So, that's why I find it annoying when I see videos that are like "send a letter to Fresh TV and maybe they'll bring my favorite character back!!!"
It's annoying because I'd hope people would understand a little more about how the process of creating an animated series before they complain about the plotline. They act like it's easy.

3. When people say Cody (or any other character that didn't make it to TDA) is "confimed to be back!!!!!111!!!" when they are not!
Let me just sum it up to this: Peter Oldring is not listed in the credits, Cody is not in the theme, Cody is not in the cast picture, Cody is not in anything relating to the show other than the Aftermaths, and Cody would be a useless character based on where the plotline is going (I mean, Gwen is gone and so is Owen, Trent, and DJ. Where would he be useful?). This all points to the fact that he will not come back! Please, don't be like the ignorant children on Youtube.

4. When people write Duncan and Courtney fanfictions out-of-character
That happens so often and it annoys me to death. The worst is when I read a story where Courtney is "punk." Is that in her character? No. Or, like this one that I've seen, where she starts partying and cheats on Duncan with some teenager or something. Does that sound like her at all? No. Really guys, is it that hard to make Courtney stuck-up and mean. I think the problem is that there are tons of pre-teen and teen girls that have twisted crushes on Duncan and write Courtney as if it was them. Hopefully, that isn't true, but I think it's pretty likely.

5. Vandals on the TDI wiki (or any other wiki for that matter).
That's a given. See also: #3

6. When people don't awknowledge that TDI/TDA is set in Canada!
You don't have any idea how much it irritates me when I read a good or decent fanfiction and I get to the part where they mention the setting and it's in the U.S. with no explanation of why they were there. Or if the author claims that they've lived there before TDI. Then I automatically consider them ignorant. I questioned one about it and they were like "well I don't know anything about Canada..." Is it really that hard to look at a map and choose a city? Gosh, does the U.S. school system suck or what?
I also hate it when they are under the impression that it is set in the U.S. and always has been and when they think it's a Cartoon Network show. For real, my 8-year-old brother is better informed then them (mostly because I told him it was set in Canada, but still...).

7. Horribly done Microsoft Paint re-colors.
Do they actually think it looks good?

8. When people tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about when I say that wikipedia is vandalized on a daily basis.
Um...I'm the one that reverts the vandalism. Here is a direct quote from one of the producers of Total Drama Action: "Don't believe the Wikipedia --In case you didn't know, the beauty of the Wikipedia is that anyone can write whatever they want about any subject. Most of what is on there is fake, wrong, or intentionally misleading." I found that quote here. Think they'll believe me now? I'm not so sure.

9. When people go on huge rants about how they want to kill Heather/Justin.
Really guys, he/she's a cartoon character. I understand being upset about something that he/she did, but threatening to kill him/her? How much of a waste of time is that?

10. When people use bad spelling/grammar.
It's just annoying in general.

11. When girls claim Duncan is the most hot/good-looking guy on TDI/TDA.
How ridiculous is that? Trent is way cuter :)

Well, that's all that I can think of right now...Feel free to leave comments and agree or disagree with me. Please dont be offended if you've done one of the above. I'm not targeting anyone with this, I promise.

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