I watched the first roundtable and it was not only intriguing, but also a little frustrating. There will be a bit more order next time, I assure you. Here are all the topics that I noted down and my responses to them:

This may or may not be brought back. The users that worked on it in past had a hard time finding commitment for the newspaper. If we have commitment, this will come back.

Featured Userbox, Interaction, Character, and Episode
I don't like this idea. Most are already covered in Featured Article.

Ezekiel: add him to list of competitors in Total Drama, the Musical
No. We can't prove that he will be in or out, so let's wait until we can to put him anywhere.

Sitenotice reminders
Most are important, but some of the Total Drama Roleplay may get to be overkill. I think we should cut down as well. I'll talk to the council.

Non-wiki pictures
Need to be taken down. Immediatly.

Active users
I agree we need more active users, but how?

Vandalism Templates:
Council agrees to remove these.

Merge Animal, Tool, Prop articles
I'm split on this one, I'll have to talk to the council.

Forums: Fan clubs, clean up
I think the forums are fine as-is.

More Wikifests
I agree. I think we need more as well.

New backgrounds
Difficult, but we may be able to change them more often, just not super often.

The changes that were requested were a bit too big, or so it seemed. Maybe not, though. Comment and tell me if I missed anything. Thank you to all who came. :)

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