This morning Bbhinton15's account was hacked. The hacker made a menacing blog and several unruley edits under his name and then changed his password.

No, we don't know who it was. We know where the IP came from, but that means little as the hacker may have hacked an IP as well.

Please don't worry. The admins will take care of it as best we can. Right now, all we can do is attempt to understand who could have done this. There is no solid proof of anything.

I suggest for everyone to regularly change their passwords and keep their account secure. Especially if you have powers. You don't have to, but I think it will make your account a little more protected from hacking.

There really is a minimal amount of things I can do right now, especially with all of the other admins not active as of now.

If the hacker posted something that offended you, I'm sorry about that. Just don't blame BB because it wasn't him who was logged into his account at the time.

I apologize for any issues this situation causes; it will be solved as soon as possible.

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