As of a few days ago, I was exactly half way through my term as president. It’s kinda bumming me out, not only because it’s almost over, but also because I know I haven’t been doing my best to make the Wiki as strong as it can be.

Now, I have a few plans, so that I can do my best. I have all the ideas in bold, and a description below. Please comment, tell me what you think. I’ll accept new ideas and altercations to the current ones. I have already passed these by the council.

Total Drama Wiki Council

This is mainly getting the council more active. Meetings once or twice a week. About 30 minutes long (I will start scheduleing meetings before roleplay, because that is when most users are active in the IRC.)

Wiki Roundtable Discussions
I have a plan to make time slots for regular wiki members to come and talk about the wiki and how it is run and likes and dislikes. Perhaps mention new ideas to discuss. The council members can come and watch. Any user can come, and I will make a forum and an IRC for this. Any users interested in leading this project, please contact me. I would love to have regular users lead the discussions every time.

Roleplay and Quizbowl Status Reports
I would like the leaders of these projects to report to me biweekly. I'll make a forum for them to post reports, which will basically just be what's up with the project. What's new, what's working, what's not working, what's going to change, how it's going, etc.

Using the Wiki's YouTube

We have lots of people that have supscribed to us on YouTube, and we will be starting to post basic update videos, in order to keep more people up-to-date with what's going on.

Please comment. --Freehugs41

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