So I was on the fanfiction wiki this morning. The sitenotice on there advertises their newsletter so I went to look at it. The construction and content is eerily similar to that pitched for our wiki's newsletter originally. Are we really stooping as low as to recycle idea?! Steal plans?! I'm disgusted. I mean, look at this.

They have comics, "Story Review" (similar to episode review), "Featured Author Interview" (FU Interview), Advice Column, the whole bit proposed for us.

Not to mention that their construction plan is the same one that Nalyd and WM wanted to use.


I thought we wanted to be an original wiki.

Luckily, last night at council WM and I combined two original ideas for our original Total Drama Wiki newsletter.

Alright, so what we're going to do for construction is have 4-5 section ideas. There will be a leader for each section, and that will be their permanent position on the paper. They will then need to find a few writers/workers to help them out.

The section leaders and their staff will work in individual groups writing, editing, revising, planning, etc.

Then, when they are done all of the leaders will get together.

We are going to design the paper by using WM's idea of having different pages for each section/topic. We will like the pages to each other, etc.

As a member of the wiki, I am disgusted that we almost made a carbon copy of work from another wiki. What hurts me more is that no one realized this when we had our original paper, which was a carbon copy of that of the Fanfiction wiki.

For our newsletter, we still need some ideas for sections. Any ideas, guys?

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