Alright, wiki friends, the admins that were online tonight (Kgman, TDIFan13, and myself) talked to a group of users with lots of ideas that had not yet been voiced. And now they have. Without further ado, the general admin consensus:

  • New Admins.
    • We like the idea, but are a little choosy about who we'll promote. Our top choices are Lizcat68 and Bigez620. We plan on promoting them within the next month.
  • More IRC Op.
    • We like it, but we want to make sure we can trust a user before giving them auto op. The new admins will get it too.
  • IRC games/more RP.
    • This seems like a "form groups on your own time" thing. Like, less of a wiki thing, more of an internet friend thing. Also, the more roleplay idea is actually pretty nice. We'll try to have more opportunities for that in the future.
  • Updating rules and talk page patrolling.
    • (I like that this was voiced.) We'll try to get up on that and work on watching talk pages. Try to report things when you see them. If an admin doesn't catch it, we'd still like to help!
  • Removing relationship/conflict labels.
    • We want to have a wiki-wide vote. I'll post the link when we have one. It's to choose between keeping pages labled "relationship"/"friendship"/"conflict"/"attraction" or to just make it "[Character one] and [character two]."

I think that's everything.

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