It has come to my attention that some people percieve my lack of activity on the wiki lately as "inactivity." This was not my intention, nor will it stay this way, I have just been very busy lately. I just closed a show a little under two weeks ago and then had some school/life things to attend to.

I will be more active on the wiki very soon as I am out of school on the 28th. ;)

Thanks for being patient guys.

Also, I'm really sorry if I have overlooked your messages that you have sent me. Once again, I was busy and would mean to reply but never get around to it. If I overlooked a message of yours, please post on this blog to tell me and I will apologize to you personally.

I hope you guys didn't miss me because I didn't really know I was gone.

Shout out to Psychid by the way, the guy that's been trying to get a hold of me for months and it always slips my mind to reply. Sorry about that, by the way. And yes, I get your messages.

This wiki is just one game of greatminton after another, am I right?

Awesome work guys.

P.S. How come the net is so stupidly high? ;)

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