Remember Alien Resurr-eggtion? Where Gwen and Trent won the challenge together but they were seperated in the end for teams and were really upset? I was watching the episode a long time ago and I noticed something. Look what Chris says at the beginning of the episode:

"...the two fastest [in the challenge] get to pick the teams this season."

That implies that the two winners will be on seperate teams, yet, Trent and Gwen were surprised when they were seperated. And Chris said:

"Bet you didn't see that once coming!"

Really, what?

If Gwen and Trent were better listeners, the entire season could've been completly different. And they probably wouldn't be broken up right now. Just saying.

Unless "picking the teams" and "picking and being on different teams" are different. And I don't think they are.

So...the moral of the story is: Listen. Because bad stuff happens when you don't.

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