Okay, here's the deal. I've seen a blog from a lovely user who seems to have taken one of my simple jokes the wrong way. The name "Fattie Gwen" is not intended to be insulting to Gwen, Megan Fahlenbock, the writers of Total Drama, the producers of Total Drama, and anyone who likes Gwen. If you haven't noticed, I like Gwen. Yeah, we're poking fun at her. But what's the point of liking something if you can't laugh at it?
Anyway, I would like to issue a statement:

"I am very sorry to those who I have insulted in my mocking of people who have no reason for disliking a character by pretending to be an exaggerated version of them. In essence, I was actually defending the character that it appeared like I was insulting, as I was making fun of people who think she is a bad character for the soul purpose that she puts their favorite pairing in jeopardy. She does in a way, and they feel threatened. Thus, the act out against her for no good reason. Gwen is a very good character, and she is enjoyable to watch so it is ridiculous to not like her for something as trivial as romantic realtionships. Thus, I find it humorous that people do so. Therefore, I make fun of their rash and biased descision by mocking them. Clearly, Gwen is not the one I was targeting in this simple joke. So, therefore, if you like Gwen you will see where I'm coming from. Or, you should, especially now because I just explained it."

Okay, does that explain my reasoning. I'm not targeting Gwen here; I'm targeting those who have no good reason for not liking her. Comment with questions and I'll be glad to answer them.

Keep in mind that I'm joking. Okay?

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