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Freehugs can't sleep (probably has to do with the long nap and three cups of coffee she consumed) so she's going to blog about Total Drama World Tour. So far, this has been an awesome season. It's funny, new, and it brings with it a lot of development.

In my opinion, they did a good mixture of old and new/neglected characters for this season. Especially the two new ones. When I saw the preview, I thought I would hate Sierra. I was so wrong. She's actually an awesome, relatable character. She also brings out a new dimension of Cody's character, which is interesting to see. Well, now it's getting a little repetative, but I know they're going to make something happen with them.

A lot of the formerlly neglected characters are shining through this time around. Noah, especially. I love him this season, just because he is a very reliable source of comedy. Tyler is much of the same. He used to be a filler character, but now he really has a chance to steal the spotlight, and his comic relief is up there with Noah's. You have to love him in that DxG confessional.

I love the new HeatherXAlejandro angle. I love Alejandro in general. He's delicious. Yum.

Back on topic, yeah I do like HeatherXAlejandro. Deal with it. My inner fangirl is sqealing. They've definently replaced my deep enjoyment of DxC.

I am now officially against any pairing with Duncan in it. Because he's a cheater and cheaters are scum.

Courtney and Gwen both deserve better. Honestly, Gwen surprised me. One of the most mature characters does something so immature as kiss another girl's boyfriend. You'd think more of her, really. It's a bit of a shame.

As for Courtney, she doesn't need to take any of this. I don't care if Duncan didn't like her anymore, he should have broken up with her before getting with Gwen. If DxC gets back together after this one, I'll be pissed. And this is coming from someone who loved DxC.

Yeah, Gwen she's kinda taking a turn for the worst. It’s kind of unfortunate, because I thought she was a really awesome protagonist. But, this whole “listening to her hormones” thing kinda killed that for her.

As for Duncan, I hope people realize he’s 10x worse than Alejandro. Why? Alejandro was never dating any of those girls, they were just fawning all over him and he used it to his advantage. Duncan was dating Courtney, and he cheated on her with Gwen. Way worse.

But, back to the overall topic…

TDWT has been a great season so far. Even Ezekiel’s interesting! I want to see where they’re going with his plotline and everything. I still doubt his return to the competition, but still.

So…this killed 16 minutes. I’m wide awake too.

Note to self: never drink three cups of coffee with dinner

Now, enjoy this picture of Tyler. And some other people but they're not important.
EP 13 (11)

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