Please, if nothing else, have a little patience! There's nothing I can't stand more than:
"OMG WHERE IZ THE EPISODE!!!!! WHY WON'T YOU UPLOADD IT!!! STUPID [insert nationality or other general group that the person happens to fall into]S!"
"WHERE IS IT!!!?!!"
"Not here yet. Wait for it, it hasn't aired."
(ten minutes later)
"WHY ISN'T IT ON [insert video sharing website here]?!!?!!!?!?!"
"It hasn't aired yet!"
(two minutes later)
or even...

Yeah, I could go on all day.

The point is, patience and respect are what you need to be a friendly, sensible viewer. And, if you are not a friendly, sensible viewer, you are not welcome on the wiki. So, show respect to the people uploading; they don't need to be wasting their time so you can see a cartoon ahead of schedule. And, so patience. It'll air when it airs. No need to make a huge fuss over it.

It's really pretty ridiculous how some users get over new episodes. Keep your common sense intact, please, when it comes a time for someone to upload an episode. Just bear in mind that someone will share a link with you when it's up, there's no doubt about that, so just keep your eyes open and remain calm.

And don't abuse caps lock. It doesn't make anyone want to work any harder, I promise. Actually, they just want to hit you in the face. So...not exactly the reaction you're looking for. Same for the exclamation points. No, it's not cute.

Also, you might want to refrain from insults and generalizations and such. We might ban you. And then it'll be even harder to get what you want.

All in all, just be patience and have some sense. You'll see the episodes, I promise. Alejandro will be just as hot if you don't see it for a few hours. If you don't want spoilers, just try to not look at the talk pages and episode pages, and have a friend send you the link, or come to the IRC and ask for it.

Patience is a virtue for a reason.



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