...I uploaded a sucky version of it to YouTube. Well, as of now I'm still in the process of that. -part 1

In my opinion, it's a pretty good episode. A lot of emphasis on Alejandro, and a little foreshadowing of his role in the season. Sierra is growing on me a little - she has a bit of a quirky charm about her. There were some details about this episode that were so small that you missed them the first time through and had to watch again to pick up on everything. I guess it's just the huge amount of characters that we really haven't had since TDI.

I don't mind doing these uploads too, if people really want to see my bad quality version. I guess horrible is better than nothing.

...I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. My parents think I'm sleeping ;)

I'll post the next link soon. -part 2

It's two parts. Not three. Deal with it.

Just kidding. I have to make it three...because YouTube sucks. It'll be up soon. Gr. - part 2 (the title is inconsistent) - part 3

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