There has been some news that you have been deprived us. Although I am on vacation, I feel it is my duty to inform you that, due to a certain situation at hand, Webkinz Mania, the wiki's elected vice president, will be relieved of his duties until the end of the month.

He will be replaced by TDIFan13, I believe, who is the replacement chosen by Nalyd Renrut.

This is not a big problem, there is nothing to worry about, I assure you. I don't really think I should, nor desire to, go into the details. But, I promise that everything otherwise will be completly normal.

This blog probably isn't long enough. I'm on vacation, so...I don't really care.

I'm honestly surprised I even had to write this. I thought the president would take care of addressing the wiki as soon as possible. But, I suppose it is my duty as an admin to tell you as well.

Please ask an admin or rollback if you have any questions.


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