So, I don't know if I told the wiki that I'm on vacation this week. I say at two in the morning on the second day of my vacation. But, I still have time to get on a little (obviously). Not a super lot, but as much as I can.

My purpose of making this blog is to keep the wiki up to date on what's going on with the wiki. As I showed with my last blog, the admins really want to be able to listen to the users. The problem is that we're ending up with a lot of miscommunication and disagreements.

I think it's fair to say that we all make mistakes. I know that I do; probably more so than anyone else on the wiki at this time. I have made more than my share of mistakes. I realize that I make mistakes, and I admit that. I have been rude to other users inadvertantly. I've made the occasional fluff edit when I see a punctuation error. I've lost my temper. We can all agree that I have made mistakes.

But, although I am remember for the times when I am known to get incredibly frustrated, that really isn't how I generally react to things. Believe it or not, I'm a very calm person. The main problem I have in trying to listen to users is that they don't want me to get mad at them. I could say that I don't know where you get the ideas that I'd just get mad, but I do. I know I can lose my temper. But if someone can approach me with respect and a complaint, I'll reply with mutual respect and a willingness to help.

I'm not going to yell and scream and "make a scene." If I didn't want to help, what reason would I have for being an admin?

So, that brings me to the point of new admins.

If you have an opinion, please voice it. I would rather here your individual comment, rather than you being represented as a body of users by only a select few. We want to hear your voice. I have a talk page. I just cleared it off, actually. Have at it.

I'd count the adminship desicions as the discussion that is ongoing.

Also, I do hope to put up the voting page for the relationship - conflict thing as soon as possible. Not now, because it's two in the morning. But as soon as I can. I know that I needed to post this tonight, though.

And there's one more thing I need to bring up.

I don't like hearing "Oh, this wiki is gonna crash and burn" and "This is SO going down hill." I'm a pessimist; I know how it is. But, believe it or not, success is all in the mindset. We can stay stong, only if we believe we can. If that's a quote, it's out of my subconcious.

So, in quick overview:

  • We're trying to listen to users.
  • Don't be afraid of any of the admins. Jam, Ryan, Kg, and myself are all very intelligent and mature people.
  • We're still trying to listen.
  • Negative future is product of negative thoughts.

Also, check out the Everyone-Beth talk page. Towards the bottom; we're trying to make a desicion on whether to keep it once and for all.

Thanks for reading. Please leave intelligent comments. Intelligent is subjective; use your best judgement.

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