Here is a list of common questions that admins hear on this wiki, along with their answers. Enjoy :)

  • Can I Be An Admin/Rollback?
    • We will notify you if we think you are ready. We look for kind, helpful, and hard-working users to fill these positions. You must have a lot of edits (a lot is subjective, I know) and be fairly active in the TDIW community. Visiting the IRC and making lots of friends doesn't hurt. I, myself, became an admin without even knowing that they were considering making me an admin, so just think about the quality of your work and the rest will follow.
  • Can I be in Roleplay?
    • Not until season three. If you have enough edits, then you may audition a character who may be chosen to participate. Wait for it, okay? Also, feel free to watch the current roleplays and participate in casual ones. DO NOT PESTER TDIFAN13 OR ANYONE ELSE. Then, they will never accept your character for the third season. I'm completly serious.
  • Can I be in the quizbowl?
    • If you have enough edits and they choose you to be in. Otherwise, no.
  • Why can't I edit this page?!
    • Either you are banned or the page is locked. My suggestion is to give up trying to edit it.
  • Why did you delete my page?! >:O
    • It was useless, it had horrible content, or we just didn't need it. Or it was spam.
  • Why did you revert my edit?! >:O
    • It was useless, it was horrible content, or we just didn't need it. Or it was vandalism.
  • Why did you ban me?!
    • You probably broke a rule.
  • Can I make a (insert noun here) page?
    • It depends. Do we need it? Has it already been deleted?
  • Am I ready to be an admin/rollback?
    • If you're asking me this, most likely the answer is no. Sorry. See the first question.
  • What's the IRC?
    • It's a chatroom for the wiki. It's very fun, if you would like to come in.
  • Are you a girl?
    • Yes, JustinRox3, I am, in fact, a girl.
  • Do you own this wiki?
    • No. Wikia does. I am just the president.
  • How do I change my signature to add color?
    • See the forums. I made a page about that.
  • Can we be friends?
    • Yes.
  • Can I be an admin?!?!?!?!
    • If you're asking this, No.
  • Why are all these users obsessed with camels? (Oops, this isn't commonly asked :P)
    • I have no idea. -.-"

If I missed anything, tell me! :)

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