Dear Total Drama Wiki,

I've decided to change my position in the election for variou reasons. First off, I'm insanely busy lately, and I really don't have the time or the energy to lead the wiki again. Secondly, it's also come to my attention that the primary reason that users are not voting for me is because they want to give a new prospect a chance. That totally makes sense, and I'm really glad that you guys are thinking like that. Somebody else defiently deserves a chance.

As for who I will be supporting, that will be Jam7. No, she's not an admin yet. But I percieve that as a good thing. She's one of the users who hasn't had a chance to put her ideas into action yet, but sure has a lot of them. She's mature, adult-like, and very intelligent, as well. For a wiki leader, intelligence is key, because when it comes down to it, this is a database, not a fansite. We need someone capable of organizing and leading a group of people working on a database. Yes, it can be fun, but we do really need a significantly intelligent person. But, by no means are any of her opponents unintelligent, as they all are intelligent. Jam just has a maturity to accompany her intelligent as well as life experience. I believe you can call it wisdom if you wish.

Furthermore, I respect both of her opponents, as they are both very capable of doing a fantastic job with leadership. I do subscribe to the belief, however, that Jam is more ready mentally to lead a group of people.

Her character, kindness, maturity, and sheer intelligence are what the wiki really needs in a leader right now.



Note: The purpose of this blog was not to say that there is a direct link between Jam's age and her maturity in behavior. That's not what I'm saying at all. They are two different things entirely. Life experience is what has a link with age; the knowledge you just get from being alive, growing up, and seeing real-life interactions. The maturity is a whole other thing.

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