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    I've gotten SO MANY complaints from users that the wiki's leaders have become corrupt. Banning people to "get them to snap"? Are you kidding me?

    I'm still a bureacrat, and that's why users have been coming to me. Please let me know if this garbage happens again.

    I may not consider myself a part of the wiki anymore, but I'm always here if I'm needed. And if I get more reports of this disgusting mess, I'll consider myself more than needed.

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    I highly suggest anyone who cares about this wiki does something now.

    And not because I was demoted. Honestly, I don't care about that anymore. It's not nearly as pressing of an issue as what is going on with the council and the admins on this wiki.

    I'd like to state that my demotion was not only done behind my back, but also behind the back of other admins. And, to say the least, the dishonesty and greedyness evident by some admins of this wiki is portrayed through their methods to gain power by taking out others who have it.

    I will not mention names. One of the current admins told me directly that, if it was up to them, they would demote all the other admins and leave only themself. I'm not mentioning names, but they are fullfilling that pr…

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    It has come to my attention that there has been libel printed against this wiki by Todd Kauffman.

    "i was being sarcastic. i mean, don't believe what you read on the TDWiki - most of it is untrue."

    First off, this is completley untrue, and generally an assumption made when people think we are the same as Wikipedia. While very similar, the wiki is much more moderated and accurate. I'd even say that accuracy is something that we achieve much, much more often than not. Because, with the massive team of active and intelligent users we have, most information that is blatently fabricated is immediatly, if not very shortly, removed. And by that I mean within the hour. Other slightly biased information is constantly weeded out as well.

    So, I take offe…

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    I'm writing a rant blog.

    You know what inspired this?! The worst, most repulsive piece of garbage to be ever place on television ever. You guessed it. It's Skatoony.

    I find it to be not so much a piece of entertainment as it is a pile of trashy fakeness in order to get us to watch the channel(s) more in order to get more money from advertisers to show us their commericials. Also, they're probably trying to sell more cheaply made merchandise. They are taking wonderfully developed and interesting characters and poorly photoshopping them into a world where they can interact with children.

    I'd also like to add that all Total Drama characters are now 17, at least. Put up against little kids, there's no competition.

    I also see so much OOC-ness comin…

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    This morning Bbhinton15's account was hacked. The hacker made a menacing blog and several unruley edits under his name and then changed his password.

    No, we don't know who it was. We know where the IP came from, but that means little as the hacker may have hacked an IP as well.

    Please don't worry. The admins will take care of it as best we can. Right now, all we can do is attempt to understand who could have done this. There is no solid proof of anything.

    I suggest for everyone to regularly change their passwords and keep their account secure. Especially if you have powers. You don't have to, but I think it will make your account a little more protected from hacking.

    There really is a minimal amount of things I can do right now, especially wit…

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